Gina Turco: “We Need to Stop Counting the Women in Business and Make Women Count”

Gina Turco: “We Need to Stop Counting the Women in Business and Make Women Count”

With over 25 years experience in the tech industry, Gina Turco, Director, Global Partners, Australia & New Zealand at global software company Uipath, is a seasoned professional, bringing a unique blend of expertise in coaching, channel sales, and relationship management. Her passion for forging long-term strategic partnerships that drive customer success is evident in her approach.

“I'm passionate about building strategic partnerships that deliver long-term value. I combine my expertise in coaching, channel sales, relationship management, and business acumen to develop win-win partnerships that drive customer success,” she tells Greek City Times in a recent interview centred around the theme of women in business.

Recruited by a former client turned manager, Gina found herself immersed in a company deeply committed to diversity and empowerment. This experience not only shaped her career but also fuelled her drive to support women in tech. She lauds her company's initiatives, such as global upskilling programs and inspirational speaker series, for fostering a supportive culture.

“After being recruited by a former client who became my manager, I gained valuable insight into the company's commitment to diversity and empowerment. They were industry leaders in fostering a supportive culture for women in tech, with initiatives like a global upskilling program and hosting inspiring speakers at sales kick-offs,” she explains.

As a Greek woman in the Australian tech sector, Gina has embraced her heritage, drawing strength from cultural values of collaboration and hospitality. She speaks of the importance of open communication and inclusivity, often breaking bread with colleagues to foster community. Highlighting the unique contributions of Greek women in tech, Gina underscores their grit, can-do attitude, and strong work ethic. These qualities, instilled by her migrant parents, have been pivotal in her success.

“My background has never hindered my work experience and I celebrate at work identifying as being Greek. How this translates is very much embracing collaboration with a strong focus on open communication and creating communities. Finding opportunities to “break bread” over meals rather than in a boardroom. This is very much part of my background,” Gina says.

“My parents taught me to be hospitable through food or welcoming visitors to our home. This has carried through to my business life. I try to be very inclusive and kind and making way for people to have a seat at the table. That is culturally where I come from and that is what has inspired me growing up.”

Gina attributes her career trajectory to her Greek heritage, citing the cultural and familial values instilled in her upbringing as the major influences shaping her approach and perspective.

“When you’ve come from migrant parents - and I’ve been heavily influenced by them - it is the grit and the can-do attitude that is a strength that helps us shine,” she says. “It is about having a strong work ethic. My parents never allowed us to give up, we had to see things through; and we are self-starters.”

Offering advice to aspiring Greek women in tech, Gina urges them to embrace the industry's possibilities and diverse roles. She suggests leveraging networking opportunities, pursuing continuous education, and building a personal brand through community engagement.

Advocating for increased representation and visibility of women in the industry, Gina encourages young women to pursue tech careers.

“Give it a crack, it’s not as boring as you may think!” says Gina. “Technology is a stereotyped industry but you need to open your mind to the possibilities."

“No matter where you have come from or what your strengths are, the tech industry needs you and will have a role for you. We want out of the box thinkers, change makers and disrupters. You need a blend of all personalities as there are many, many roles.”

Gina Turco’s advice on how to get started in tech:

For a graduate: Seek out opportunities with tech companies that offer a strong framework in grad roles. Or, look at state and federal government roles in IT as they will have formal career paths.

Build out your networking circles, physically and virtually. Join Women in Tech forums, Australian Computer Society, MeetUp is a great platform which has user groups hosted either by or on behalf of the tech companies. On LinkedIn there are many groups.

Education unlocks the power from within. Do a short course, different platforms specialise for example in cybersecurity, automation, cloud computing, AI. There is free training on LinkedIn, Udemy and most tech companies will run free workshops or webinars.

Looking ahead, Gina envisions a future where more Greek women in tech are visible leaders, actively contributing to positive change.

“We need to stop counting the women and make women count,” Gina emphasises.

“There will always be room for improvement,” she continues. “We need to make the impact as women working in tech and show young women that that there is a seat at the table for them.”

“For there to be more Greek women in tech who are building their personal brand and becoming more visible. They can do this via the technology forums or finding opportunities for positive impact,” says Gina.

“Get involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs offered by your company or external organisations. Volunteer your tech expertise to non-profit organisations or initiatives focused on empowering women and girls. Lead workshops or speak at events on topics related to your field, especially those attracting Greek audiences. This allows you to showcase your skills while giving back to the community.”

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