Easter in Monemvasia: Beach and seafood in the heart of spring


Spring and ethereal elements make Monemvasia the perfect getaway during Easter.

When we hear Monemvasia, the castle, medieval churches, and the sea immediately come to mind. However, beyond the Myrtle Sea and the beauties of the Upper Town, spring and ethereal elements make the Peloponnesian town perfect for Easter.

In the charming city's cobbled streets, you will witness a series of unique and wonderful customs. Monemvasia has one of the most interesting and exciting Epitaphios processions that takes place in all of Greece. This has been happening for hundreds of years in the medieval city.


On the evening of Good Friday, the Epitaphios is walked through the streets with a philharmonic orchestra. The route crosses the castle town's eastern side and reaches Panagia Chrysafitissa's church.

On Holy Saturday, following the first hearing of “Christ is Risen,” magiritsa, thin-leaf vegetable pies (the so-called saita), and the "stamna", i.e. pork knuckles with potatoes, served in a clay pot, mark the end of the fasting period.


The small church of Hagia Sophia, which has stood in its place since the end of the 12th century and is considered a copy of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, is also worth a visit as you will have the opportunity to see some wonderful Byzantine frescoes.

Of course, beyond your tour of the religious landmarks, Monemvasia is also ideal for hiking in the middle of spring nature. The town's history testifies to a centuries-long journey that included Venetian, Ottoman, and Frankish occupiers.


For your swims, Monemvasia and the surrounding area offer options for all moods: sand or stone, organised or deserted. The most famous beach in the area is Ampelakia, with its fine sand and shallow waters. A few kilometres from the castle, Xifias is also an excellent choice, well protected from the north winds. Half an hour away from Monemvasia is the amazing beach of Simos, with its blue-green waters and characteristic sand dunes.


If you want to stay inside the castle, be prepared to stay in small guesthouses that were not allowed to be tampered with during their renovation in an effort to respect the cultural dimension. However, comfort and luxury are not lacking since the owners have managed to offer all the modern conveniences.

A typical example is the traditional guesthouse "Ardamis," with the 14-metre-high Tower and terraces overlooking the sea. Outside the castle, the Kinsterna Hotel and Lazaretto are equally excellent options, combining picturesqueness with high-level hospitality services.

As for the very serious matter of food, there are wonderful examples of restaurants such as "Chrysovoulos,” at the entrance of the Castle, with its friendly service and wonderful cuisine; "The Taverna of Matoulas," the "Sterna" restaurant of the hotel Kinsterna, where modern dishes combine local ingredients; and the "Athas" tavern, with its excellent local dishes.

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