Top 3 Easter destinations in Greece this year

Easter in Tinos

There is not long left until Easter 2024, which is celebrated this year on May 5. By celebrating Easter in May this year, there are opportunities for a long weekend with good temperatures, nature at its peak, and perhaps swimming at the beach.

Travel numbers are expected to be big, and popular Easter destinations are already preparing for it.

Easter in Tinos

Easter in Tinos

Easter is a highlight in Tinos. There, Orthodox and Catholic residents of the island celebrate together in a climate of unity and harmony with visitors.

The messages are quite encouraging, and the bookings are filling up like they are every year.

"During the Easter period, the island welcomes not only people who have chosen Tinos as their second home but also visitors who are sure to spend a beautiful Easter combining the religious element, tradition and moments of relaxation," said the Deputy Mayor of Tinos, Evangelos Kornaros, to Travel.

Throughout Holy Week, services are held in all the island's Orthodox and Catholic churches, with many people participating. On Good Friday, there is a procession of the Epitaphs, which the parishioners decorate with flowers.

"There is always a hidden competition to see which parish has the best decoration," said Mr Kornaros.


All Epitaphs from the island's Chora gather in Pantanassi Square on a marble platform, while a special Epitaph is the one of the Parish of Agios Eleftherios—Agios Nikolaos of Chora Tinos.

"At some point, it enters the sea in the Kalamia area. This is a memorial service for those people who lost their lives at sea," said Mr. Kornaros.

What makes Tinos stand out is (also) its gastronomy. One of the characteristic and traditional sweets of the island is the sweet cheese pie or "tsimpita" made from Tinian mizithra in the island's pastry shops.

It is also worth emphasising that in Tinos, the celebratory week that begins on Easter Monday and ends on the Sunday of St. Thomas, is particularly lively.

"Many village festivals attract a lot of people," noted Mr. Kornaros, who invites readers to visit Tinos either at Easter or any other time "to get to know a place that combines natural beauty with real respect for tradition."

Easter in Pelion


This year's Easter comes quite late from a calendar point of view, and this will certainly benefit travel destinations and certainly those that can become the places for the first swims of the year. Few places rival Pelion.

"Right now, our occupancy for the Easter period is around 60%," said Giorgos Zafeiris, president of the Hoteliers' Union of Magnesia.

Mr Zafeiris emphasises that anyone who wants to travel to Volos and the region of Pelion should know that all the problems created by storm Daniel last September have been overcome, in terms of the road network and, of course, the tourist infrastructure.


"It is certain that anyone who chooses Pelion and Magnesia will spend excellent days at Easter. From the nice walks and Lenten cuisine in Volos, traditional villages to the wonderful beaches and activities such as hiking, the area always has something to offer," said Mr Zafeiris.

Easter in Chania

Chania Easter

Easter can be a good occasion or opportunity to visit Chania.

"The messages are encouraging for the first week of May, just like the summer season," the president of the Chania Hoteliers' Union, Mr Manolis Giannoulis, said, who at the same time clarifies that "the Greeks who visit Chania during Easter are mainly people from here or guests in the homes of friends and relatives."

The Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality accompanies the Epitaphs in the major neighbourhoods on Good Friday.


Special events take place outside the city of Chania, such as the open-air events in the village of Voulgaro and the traditional bazaars in Voukolies and Vryses.

Trimartiri, the Monastery of Tzagarolo in Akrotiri and the Monastery of Gonia in Kolymbari are famous for their Resurrection celebration.

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Regarding Easter gastronomy, on Holy Thursday, Cretan households prepare kalitsounia (with mizithra, anthotyro or tyromalama) and tsourekia with red eggs.

On Easter Sunday, Cretans enjoy lamb (spit, grilled, roasted) and "Chaniotiki cake" or meat pie.

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