BREAKING: Iran launches suicide drone attack on Israel as feared


Iran has launched dozens of 'suicide' drones and missiles towards Israel in an attack that may trigger a major escalation between the regional archenemies.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) says it will take hours before the drones enter Israeli airspace.

Iran has been threatening a retaliatory attack on Israel after several of its military leaders were killed in a drone strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus at the start of this month.

Israel had put its military on high alert and called off school trips and other youth activities in preparation.

A number of drones were seen flying from the direction of Iran over Iraq's Sulaymaniyah province, three security sources told Reuters on Saturday.

"Dozens of drones were spotted flying from Iran in the direction of Israel over Iraqi airspace," two Iraqi security sources also told Reuters.

Jordan's air defences were ready to intercept and shoot down any Iranian drones or aircraft that violate its airspace, two regional security sources said, adding the army was also in a state of high alert and radar systems were monitoring drone activity.

The United States confirmed Iran began an airborne attack against Israel and said it is likely to unfold over a number of hours.

(Source: ABC News)


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