Greek police bust criminal gangs producing fake documents for illegal immigrants

grk police

Greek police has successfully dismantled two criminal organisations involved in facilitating the illegal residence of foreigners in Greece through the issuance of counterfeit documents, tax evasion, and insurance fraud, resulting in financial losses for the Greek government. These groups were also engaged in unlawful transactions of abandoned properties with uncertain ownership status.

A well-coordinated police operation was conducted on Thursday morning, resulting in the arrest of a total of twelve individuals, including two ringleaders. Additionally, legal proceedings have been initiated against nine other accomplices, whose identities have been verified.

Charges have been filed against them on various counts, including participation in criminal organisations, forgery, fraudulent acquisition of certificates, false medical certifications, bribery, and corruption involving public officials. Moreover, they face accusations of violating laws related to immigration, weapons possession, and laundering proceeds from criminal activities.

As per Greek police sources, the arrests followed a prior complaint regarding an individual colluding with a public official to issue illicit documents for public use in exchange for monetary gains.

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