Athens to Receive €101 Million for Transformational Projects

Athens 2

In a move set to reshape the face of the Greek capital, the Attica Region has allocated a substantial sum of 101 million euros to the Municipality of Athens for the execution of over 40 pivotal projects and initiatives. This significant financial injection, announced by the Regional Governor of Attica, Nikos Hardalias, marks a key milestone in the implementation of the "Athens 2030" plan under the broader "Attica" Program 2021-2027.

During a recent meeting between Regional Governor Nikos Hardalias and Athens Mayor Haris Doukas, plans were outlined for a range of transformative endeavours aimed at revitalising various aspects of the city.

Some of the key projects include:

  • Upgrading the National Garden infrastructure
  • Restoring sidewalks and pavements in the city center, with a focus on Ermou Street from Syntagma Square to Aiolou
  • Highlighting the archaeological site at Plato's Academy
  • Installing charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Creating a network of cycling paths and green spaces
  • Upgrading the energy efficiency of municipal buildings
  • Providing targeted health services to vulnerable groups

Out of the total sum, 5 million euros will be directed towards bolstering regional economic competitiveness and innovation, with a further 78 million euros earmarked for initiatives fostering economic, social, environmental, and cultural development and cohesion. An additional 18 million euros will be allocated to promote social cohesion, focusing on measures such as employment access, gender equality in the workforce, and social integration for vulnerable populations.

In a bid to streamline efforts and overcome bureaucratic hurdles, both parties agreed to establish a joint working group tasked with coordinating various issues and facilitating seamless cooperation between the Attica Region and the Municipality of Athens.


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