Greece's 2025 Economic Stimulus Plan Unveiled at Delphi Economic Forum

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National Economy & Finance Minister Kostis Hatzidakis unveiled a comprehensive economic stimulus package for 2025 at the prestigious Delphi Economic Forum on Wednesday. The measures aim to invigorate Greece's economy through tax reductions, pension increases, and targeted subsidies, totalling 870 million euros.


Key highlights of the package include a 0.5% reduction in social insurance contributions, the complete abolition of the proportional tax for freelancers and independent business owners, and the reinstatement of the special consumption tax EFK for farmers. Additionally, the plan includes enhancements such as increased housing subsidies for university students, a substantial boost in pensions, and the suspension of VAT collection in the construction sector.

Minister Hatzidakis emphasised Greece's resilience in the face of international economic challenges, citing the country's ability to surpass EU average development rates despite enduring two major crises. He stressed the government's commitment to fiscal responsibility while striving to provide support for vulnerable segments of society during challenging times.

Furthermore, Hatzidakis outlined the government's strategy to prioritise productivity and exports over consumption and imports. He highlighted the role of the National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA) and Recovery Fund in supporting these efforts, along with forthcoming legislation aimed at incentivising investments, exports, company mergers, and innovation.

The economic stimulus plan reflects Greece's proactive approach to navigating economic uncertainties and fostering sustainable growth in alignment with evolving fiscal rules and international dynamics.


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