Skyrocketing Prices Top Priority for Greek Voters Ahead of EU Elections


As Greece prepares for the crucial European Parliament elections, recent polls have shed light on the pressing concerns of its citizens, with skyrocketing prices of goods emerging as the foremost issue on the minds of Greek voters.

Despite Greece's commendable average growth rate of over 2%, among the highest in the Eurozone, and accolades from European institutions for its fiscal policies, inflation in essential food items has surged, prompting widespread discontent among the populace.

According to the latest data from the Hellenic Statistical Authority, inflation in the food category soared to 5.3% in March, a sharp increase from 3.1% recorded in February. While the government's efforts to tackle inflation have been lauded previously, doubts are now cost over their effectiveness as consumers grapple with the impact on their daily lives.

"We have not seen anything until now. This time, we're going to punish them!" exclaimed a local farmer in an interview with Euronews, reflecting the widespread disillusionment with the government's response to rising prices.

Residents in local markets echo similar sentiments, with one individual estimating a staggering 30% surge in everyday goods prices. Another local farmer expressed concern that the government's perceived inaction on the issue would adversely affect its performance in the elections.

(Source: Euronews)

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