Greek military chief on Indo-Greek cooperation: "We have a relationship of trust with India"


General Dimitrios Choupis, the chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (GEETHA), returned from India, where he signed the historically important Military Cooperation Agreement.

GEETHA chief Dimitrios Choupis returned from India, having completed his official visit at the invitation of his counterpart General Anil Chauhan.

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During his visit to New Delhi, Greece and India signed a Military Cooperation Program for the first time in modern history.

The program signed by the two Chiefs includes a number of exercises that will take place in both countries. These exercises are expected to strengthen military cooperation and their excellent relations further.

"We have signed a bilateral defence agreement in many fields of activity. India has both the know-how and a relationship of trust with Greece so that our cooperation is productive," said the Head of GEETHA on the sidelines of the INIOCHOS exercise, pointing out that what impressed him about the South Asian country is its capabilities.

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He confirmed India's interest in purchasing the Air Force's Mirage 2000-5. However, as the chief pointed out, discussions are still in the early phase.

Following the constructive meetings with the military leadership of the Indian Armed Forces, the Greek general visited the AGRA Air Base and the Parachute Training School located within it, the facilities of the 50th Independent Parachute Brigade, where he was informed about its operational work.

Choupis also visited the PUNE Air Base and, during his time in India, had the opportunity to visit companies specialising in technology, defence equipment, and innovation.

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The multitude of meetings and briefings the Chief of the General Staff participated in during his stay in India is considered beneficial to Greece's security. It is expected to upgrade the already excellent relations between the two countries at the military level.

Joint participation in activities and training will increase interoperability and strengthen the Armed Forces' combat capability.

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