Greece Will Not Provide Air Defence Systems to Ukraine


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has announced that Greece will not be supplying air defence systems such as 'Patriots' or S-300 to Ukraine, despite pressure from EU and NATO allies to increase military aid to Kyiv.

As Russia intensifies its aerial assaults on Ukraine, there has been growing insistence from EU member states to bolster Kyiv's defensive capabilities, particularly from countries like Greece and Spain, which possess such systems.

In an interview with Skai TV late on Thursday, Mitsotakis made it clear that Greece would not be sending S-300 or Patriot systems to Ukraine. Despite urgent discussions among European Union ministers on Monday regarding the provision of additional air defences to Ukraine, concrete pledges, particularly of the coveted Patriot systems, were not forthcoming.

"We were asked, and we explained why we cannot do it," Mitsotakis stated, emphasising the critical role of these systems in Greece's own deterrent capability.

Defence issues hold significant sensitivity for Greece, particularly in light of tensions with Turkey, especially under a conservative government.

While Greece has previously provided various forms of military aid to Ukraine, including thousands of rockets, explosives, IVF vehicles, high-explosive incendiaries, ammunition, and anti-tank rockets, the provision of air defence systems is deemed a step too far.

Meanwhile, the United States is set to host a virtual meeting on Friday for international donors providing aid to Ukraine, following Congress's recent approval of a $61 billion aid package for the country after months of deadlock.

(Source: Reuters)

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