Free Easter Lambs to Economically Disadvantaged on Holy Wednesday


In a gesture of generosity and community support, the Municipality of Volos has announced its annual distribution of free Easter lambs to those in need. Scheduled for Holy Wednesday, the initiative aims to assist hundreds of families facing economic hardship, ensuring they can participate in the Easter tradition without financial burden.

Under the leadership of Mayor Achilleas Beos, the Municipality will cover all costs associated with the initiative. The distribution will take place at the Volos Town Hall from 11 am to 2 pm Greek time, following a carefully organised structure to ensure the meat reaches those most in need.

While primarily targeting families enrolled in the Municipality's social services programs for financial vulnerability, the initiative extends its reach to others facing identified financial strain, recognising the importance of community solidarity during festive seasons.

Beneficiaries include families enrolled in the Department of Social Protection's financial vulnerability program, as well as recipients of aid from the Municipality's Social Grocery and Social Pharmacy, among other social support structures.

The initiative not only underscores the Municipality's commitment to supporting its residents but also highlights the spirit of compassion and unity during Easter celebrations.

(Source: Amna)


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