Golden Dawn Leader Granted Conditional Release from Prison


Paragraph Paragraph Nikos Michaloliakos, the leader of the criminal organisation Golden Dawn, is set to walk free from prison after being granted conditional release by the Lamia Judicial Council. Convicted to 13 years and six months behind bars for orchestrating the activities of the far-right political group, Michaloliakos will soon step through the prison gates, albeit under strict conditions imposed by the court.In a decision outlined in verdict number 121/2024, the judges of the Lamia Judicial Council opted to grant Michaloliakos' application for conditional release, despite facing a negative recommendation from the prosecutor. The ruling imposes stringent restrictions on Michaloliakos, including a prohibition on leaving the Regional Unit of Attica, mandatory monthly appearances at the Pefki Police Station, and a ban on associating with co-defendants convicted in the same case.While the prosecutor acknowledged that Michaloliakos technically met the legal requirements for release, they vehemently opposed the notion, citing the lack of remorse and moral improvement demonstrated by the prisoner. Emphasising Michaloliakos' defiance and refusal to acknowledge wrongdoing, the prosecutor argued adamantly against his release, citing concerns of potential recidivism and the perceived absence of genuine rehabilitation.The judicial council opted to prioritise any lingering doubts in favour of the convicted individual, citing perceived positive behavioural changes and dismissing concerns regarding the likelihood of re-offending. Despite the prosecutor's compelling argument highlighting Michaloliakos' unrepentant demeanour and continued defiance, the judges chose to interpret his conduct in a more lenient light, allowing for his conditional release.As Nikos Michaloliakos prepares to re-enter society, the decision has sparked heated debate and raised questions about the efficacy of the justice system in addressing crimes of hate and extremism with the spectre of Golden Dawn's violent legacy still haunting Greece.(Source: Amna)

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