Greek Employment in Authorship, Journalism and Linguistics Shows Large Decline: Eurostat Report


Employment trends in the European Union's fields of authorship, journalism, and linguistics have seen a notable increase overall since 2017, but Greece is among the countries witnessing a decline, according to recent data released by Eurostat.

In 2022, the EU reported a total of 891,600 individuals employed in these sectors, reflecting a 9.1% rise from the 2017 figure of 816,800. However, Greece experienced a 22.5% decrease in the number of people employed in these professions since 2017, contrary to the general trend.


Germany led the pack with 25.6% of EU employment in these fields, followed by France (12.0%) and Spain (9.1%). Meanwhile, Greece accounted for a smaller share, contributing to the overall decline.

Furthermore, Greece's publishing industry did not fare well either. While the EU boasted a total of 80,000 enterprises in the publishing sector in 2022, Greece's numbers dwindled, contributing to an overall decrease in the industry.

The highest numbers of such enterprises were in France (23 469), Spain (5 981) and Germany (5 533). The lowest numbers were in Luxembourg (79), Cyprus (93) and Malta (105).

Eurostory2Despite the challenges faced by Greece in these sectors, other EU countries experienced significant growth. Lithuania recorded an impressive 166.0% increase, while Finland and Hungary saw rises of 31.5% and 30.8%, respectively.

(Source: Eurostat)

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