Greece Stands Firm: Patriot and S-300 Missile Systems Not for Transfer to Ukraine

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Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized in an interview with the Greek portal protothema that Greece will not be transferring Patriot and S-300 air defence missile systems (SAMs) to Ukraine, citing their necessity for Greece's own defence.

The statement comes in response to speculation sparked by a report from the Greek news portal Pronews, which suggested that Greece had provided Saudi Arabia with a Patriot battery. When questioned about the possibility of providing a similar battery to Ukraine, Mitsotakis clarified that the Patriot battery remains in Saudi Arabia for geopolitical reasons, as part of Greece's strategic presence in the region amid ongoing unrest.

Mitsotakis explained the distinction, noting that while the Patriot battery deployed in Saudi Arabia can be swiftly returned to Greece if needed, transferring such a battery to Ukraine would be irreversible. This consideration, he emphasized, underscores Greece's decision not to entertain the idea of transferring Patriot and S-300 systems to Ukraine.

The prime minister's remarks underscore Greece's commitment to safeguarding its own national defence interests while navigating complex geopolitical dynamics in the broader region.

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