The 18 Museums of Lefkada

Angelos Sikelianos Museum museums

The prefecture has the most museums, proportionally, in Greece.

"Lefkada is probably, proportionally, the prefecture with the most museums in Greece. Even though it is the smallest prefecture of the country, with an area of ​​only 325 km², the rich history and culture of our place were the reason for the operation of eighteen museums," said the mayor of the island, Dr Xenophon N. Verginis, to Proto Thema.

"The crowning glory is the Angelos Sikelianos Museum, which opened its doors to the public in 2017 and was nominated for the best small museum award in Europe.

Angelos Sikelianos Museum
Angelos Sikelianos Museum

"There are a number of remarkable places that visitors to our island can take a tour of, such as the Archaeological Museum of Lefkada, the Historical Centre of Lafcadio Hearn, the Museum of Memorabilia of the International Folklore Festival, Pantazis Kontomichis Folkloric Museum of the “Orpheus” Cultural Group, the Philharmonic Museum Society of Lefkada, the Phonograph Museum, the Ecclesiastical Museum of Faneromeni, the Maritime Museum of Nikos Thanos - Morina, the Maritime Museum of Lygia, the Phonograph, Radio and Traditional Museum, the Museum of Lefkada's Embroidery "Maria Koutsochero", the Kontomicheo Folklore Museum of Kavalo and other museums."

Pantazis Kontomichis Folkloric Museum of the “Orpheus” Cultural Group
Pantazis Kontomichis Folkloric Museum of the “Orpheus” Cultural Group
Archaeological Museum of Lefkada
Archaeological Museum of Lefkada

Lefkada has more than museums, though.

According to the Mayor, "Lefkada has exhibition spaces with permanent collections of paintings and other fine arts, hagiography and photography, as well as three large libraries - among them the multi-awarded exclusive subject library listed in the Guinness Book of Records: Haramoglio Lefkadia Library - and the Historical Archive of Lefkada.

At the same time, smaller libraries operate on the island under the responsibility of the cultural associations.

The Museums of Lefkada:

- Archaeological Museum of Lefkada.
- Museum of Angelos Sikelianos.
- Historical Centre of Lafcadio Hearn.
- Pantazis Kontomichis Folkloric Museum of the “Orpheus” Cultural Group
- Phonograph and Rare Records Museum (Lefkada City)
- International Folklore Festival Memorabilia Exhibition Museum.
- Ecclesiastical Museum of Faneromeni
- Maritime Museum of Nikos Thanos Morina (Monastery of Faneromeni).
- Museum of Gramophone, Phonograph & Radio (KARYA)
- Museum of Lefkada's Embroidery "Maria Koutsochero" (KARYA).
- Kontomicheo Folklore Museum of Kavalo.
- Museum of the Lefkada Philharmonic Society.
- Museum of the "Apollo" Musicological Club of Karyas.
- Olive Museum "Fabbrica".
- Maritime Museum at the school of Lygia
- Museum of Folk Art "Evangelos Vlassopoulos" (AGIOS PETROS)
- Folklore Museum of Sivros.
- Museum at the visitable "Lefkaditiki Gi" Winery.

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