Sotiris Poulos opens first Greek Supermarket in Germany



A supermarket offering Greek products only has opened in Frankfurt, Germany.

Sotiris Poulos, from Greece, is the owner of Griechischer Top Markt, the first Greek supermarket in Germany, where consumers can buy over 1,800 Greek products.

Mr Poulos who has a degree in economics and a postgraduate degree in business management wanted to find a way to help the Greek economy and to promote Greek products to the rest of Europe.


Speaking to, he said, "We have products that had not been introduced to the German market so far", specifying that "our clientele is not only Greeks, but also Germans, Turks and other nationalities who prefer Greek products."

At Griechischer Top Markt, where you can purchase fresh milk, yogurts and other fresh Greek products, is located in the Mainz district of Kastel, 25 km from Frankfurt. As for the reason that Sotiris Poulos chose the spot to open his business? "This neighbourhood serves more than one area where many Greeks live. Our goal is to create a chain of 5-6 stores in areas of Germany where the Greek element resides."

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Sotiris has only been in Germany for two years and had previously worked in the supermarket industry, as a buyer and importer in two different chains.

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At Griechischer Top Markt, aims to promote small producers from different parts of Greece. Here you can find anything you need such as dairy, cheeses, small goods, seafood, meats, oil, vinegar, pasta, alcohol, bread, coffee, biscuits, sweets, as well as laundry, kitchen, and bath products.

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"We work with both branded and smaller producers with great quality products.” Our slogan is "Shop like in Greece. Product prices are for all wallets. They are not, of course, the same as the prices of the respective products in Greece because they simply bear the cost of transport. "

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The business is also family run and the service here is very friendly.

"My wife, who came with me to Germany, manages the company's accounts. The other employees are first, second and third generation Greeks."

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