A taste of Greece in Qatar

2016 mykonos base


Despite its small size, Qatar is home to various cuisines from all over the world and knows all about good food. The modern country in the Middle East is becoming more and more popular with tourists and offers unique culinary adventures, which cater to all tastes and needs. Delicious Mediterranean eateries are at the top of the list with Greece’s unique flavours, fresh ingredients, and beautiful climate inspiring Greeks in Doha, and even locals, to open their own Greek restaurants and cafes!

2016 mykonos base


This is by far one of the most popular restaurants in Doha and a part of the Intercontinental Hotel. Mykonos serves Greek signature dishes, such as moussaka, tzatziki and various pies (pites). The menu changes often, and the chefs (many of them Greek, including head chef Marios Papadopoulos) prepare authentic tastes with modern twists. Moreover, it’s located in a beautiful setting, by the sea.

Shangri La Santorini


One more culinary adventure for all you food lovers. Santorini offers guests the opportunity to taste some authentic Greek dishes including moussaka, octopus, lamb and of course, souvlaki, which are among your many options. Located in the Shangri La Hotel, Santorini’s ambiance is wonderful!

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Luminous Cafe

This is one of the few cafes that offer Freddo Espresso and Frappe in Doha. Obviously, a Greek is behind the idea! Luminous is beautifully decorated and offers tempting snacks and food as well. But, the main reason I visit is to grab my Freddo Espresso; yes, I miss my iced Greek coffee! 

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Mastiha Shop

I have written a special piece about the Mastiha shop in the past, but the place deserves a mention here as well! It all started when the Qatari owner visited Greece; she loved mastiha and decided to open a store in Qatar. Her aim is to make people aware of its various health benefits- plus to introduce them to it’s delicious flavour! Mastiha Shop is located at the Pearl.


Lavazza Cafe

Located at the Gate Mall, Lavazza is not purely Greek-oriented, but it offers Freddo Espresso, Freddo Capuccino, Frappe and Greek pastries, such as tiropita and spanakopita (cheese pie and spinach pie). It’s also really nice sitting outside when the weather permits. And yes, the place is a standard meeting point for Greeks living in Qatar.

Kali Orexi!

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