Erdoğan ideologue calls for Greater Turkey that includes Greece as Trump & Germany back Turkish ally

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At a time when an ideologue of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is boasting about the creation of a Greater Turkey that includes northern Greece and eastern Aegean islands, U.S. President Donald Trump and Germany continue to support their Turkish allies in their aggression against Greece.

Metin Külünk, an ideologue of Erdoğan's who is a Member of Parliament of the same ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), from the same youth movement Erdoğan, and from the same province as Erdoğan's parents, has gone to Twitter to call for a Greater Turkey.

Külünk, which must be emphasized belongs to Erdoğan's AKP and is a Member of Parliament, has called for a Greater Turkey that includes large areas of northern Greece and the east Aegean islands, half of Bulgaria, Cyprus and Armenia in its entirety, and large areas of Georgia, Iraq and Syria.

In a series of tweets, Külünk would praise the Seljuk's victory over the Byzantine Empire at Manzikert in 1071 that allowed the Asiatic Turks to enter Anatolia for the first time in history.

"Turkey has entered the 21st century with big moves with the spirit of 1071, it is progressing by taking big steps. Today, the reason why the western world comes to us again is the reawakening of a nation that was put to sleep after 1938 on July 15 and opening up to Syria, the Mediterranean and Africa with its spirit of 1071," Külünk said on Twitter.

By "spirit of 1071," Külünk has effectively admitted that Turkey aims to militarily invade and dominate Syria, the Mediterranean and Africa.

In his next Tweet, the Turkish Member of Parliament would say "The grandchildren of those who think that they will take us out of Anatolia are trying to get us out of the Mediterranean today. You have no doubt that they will get defeat in the Mediterranean. The spirit of the Manzikert Victory is alive. Turkey's government and the need to fulfill the spirit of the nation in every field."

The tweet was accompanied with a map of a Greater Turkey that shows northern Greece and the eastern Aegean islands occupied by Turkey.

Despite the open announcement for conquest against Greece by an strong ideologue of Erdoğan, who belongs in the same political party and is a Member of Parliament, Trump and Germany continue to support their Turkish allies by appeasing Ankara and equating Greece as an equal problem in the Mediterranean.

Erdoğan two days ago was again praised by Trump, this time at an event with an American pastor who was illegally imprisoned and taken hostage in Turkey for over two years.

“I have to say, to me, President Erdoğan was very good," Trump said to Pastor Andrew Brunson who was facing decades in a Turkish prison on Erdoğan's orders.

This was preceded by former National Security Adviser to Trump, John Bolton, describing Trump's relationship with Erdoğan as a "bromance."

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis held a telephone conversation with Trump on Wednesday night, where Trump only asked for escalations to subside as if Greece was partially or equally responsible for the aggressive actions by Turkey.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu threatened Greece with use of force and said Turkey’s response will not be an accidental one, but a direct action with no hesitation, as reported by Greek City Times.

The remarks were delivered in a joint presser with visiting Germany Foreign Minister Heiko Maas who attempted to mediate by just calling for dialogue despite his Turkish ally directly threatening Greece next to him.

“I want to make the following recommendation to Greece. Give up on being bratty. You talk like this with unconditional and full EU support. When not received, you blame those EU countries as well. You have to understand that you will not get anywhere with this,” he said.

“Especially do not put yourself at risk by following the encouragement of some countries. In other words, if you make statements like ‘we will defend our rights here,’ or ‘we will do exercises there,’ or if you take the wrong steps, we will not have an accidental response this time,” Çavuşoğlu continued.

“Whatever is necessary, we do it without hesitation. So, do not get agitated, encouraged by these countries and act with common sense,” the Turkish Foreign Minister said.

Germany has been a centuries long ally with the Turks and for this reason is completely unprepared to place sanctions on Turkey despite its constant threats against European Union member Greece and its daily violations of Greece’s air and maritime space.

Despite these provocations, a military build up and open calls to extend Turkey's borders into Greece, Trump and Germany are just repeating the mantra of 'dialogue,' unwilling to openly blame or condemn their Turkish allies. In fact they equate that Greece is equally to blame for tensions in the East Mediterranean while they protect Turkey from sanctions and/or other methods to contain its aggression and open calls for war against Greece.

  1. Dear Mr Trump, it is a great shame that you are such a mental deficient, but the truth is in your mirror. Sadly, due to your excessive misuse of tanning salons, your eyes can no longer see clearly. Otherwise you would see Erdogan dealing with Hamas, Dealing with ISIL. Helping, nay leading the destabilisation of the entire European region AND potentially that of the Middle East. We all know that you have business interests in Turkey, and we have all been shocked by your bare murmurs over Erdogan arresting Judges, journalists, police, soldiers… anyone whatsoever who questioned his undemocratic and war mongering policies. The Hellenic people want peace. They have been through hell with many enemies for 2 blasted millenia, but never ever again will they be enslaved. NEVER again will Hellas stand back as an enemy walks over Hellenic soil, Hellenic waters. Just as was shown first to Italy and then to Germany in WW2. The theatre of war was in HELLAS until that war ended and yet the people showed incredible resistance and made life hell for the Germans so much so that even Hitler, at one stage, praised the strength, courage and tenacity of the Hellenic people. Just as President Roosevelt of the USA did. Mr Trump, you may errantly believe that allowing Turkey to remain belligerent will help your business interests and more so of those Americans who manufacture weapons. But if Turkey goes ahead with CONSISTENT BULLYING THREATS to invade Cyprus yet again, to invade Greek islands, to invade the rest ofT hrace to invade Crete… expect Hellenes world wide to act in defence. Expect terrorists world wide to follow suit from Erdogan and cause blood shed around the world. Expect all of Europe and the Middle East to flame. And be known as one of those RESPONSIBLE for WW3

  2. I am half Greek and half Armenian, I reside in the USA. I am 71 and have an ill mum at home and this is the only reason why I don’t fight on the Armenian soil right now along with my Greek and Armenian brothers.