Poll reveals what Armenians think about Russia after the signing of a ceasefire agreement

Russian peacekeepers in Artsakh.

More than 80% of Armenians have a positive opinion of Russia, according to a poll conducted by Sputnik.

More than 80% of Armenians have a positive view about Russia and see it as an ally of their country, according to a poll conducted by MPG on Radio Sputnik only a week after the ceasefire agreement with Azerbaijan over Artsakh was signed.

It is recalled that last week, Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed on a ceasefire in the disputed region after a month and a half of hostilities. Under the agreement, Azerbaijan retains the territories it captured during the conflict, while Russia develops peacekeeping forces to control the ceasefire and secure the return of refugees.

Russian peacekeepers in Armenia. Armenians
Russian peacekeepers in Armenia.

According to the survey, 83.8% of Armenian citizens who participated in the survey have a positive opinion of Russia, while only 9.4% have a negative one.

Also, 6.8% did not give a clear answer.

According to the same survey, Russia is at the top of the countries that Armenians consider friendly at 62.3% .

It is followed by France at 39.9%, Iran at 6.4%, the USA at 5.8%, Germany at 1.2% and Georgia at 0.6%.

When asked if they consider Russia an ally of Armenia, 84.6% of respondents said yes, with 11.8% saying no and 3.6% being undecided.

As for military and political support, the majority of Armenians say they are ready to accept it from Russia - 79.6%. 14.4% of Armenians would welcome aid from France, 6.8% from Iran, 5% from the US and 0.4% from Germany.

Russian peacekeepers in Artsakh.
Russian peacekeepers in Artsakh.

The poll, which surveyed 501 people, took place on November 17.