Six Mount Athos monasteries in lockdown: A 76-year-old monk passed away

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A 76-year-old monk died from complications of COVID-19 on Mount Athos and six monasteries are in lockdown.

The Commander of Mount Athos, Athanasios Martinos, in speaking with GRTimes stated:

“The situation is under control”, he said.

“A total of six Monasteries are currently in quarantine, which is in fact coming to an end. Several cases from monks have been reported recently. Last Saturday, a 76-year-old monk ended up with complications because of underlying diseases”, he continued.

According to him, currently a total of seven monks are being treated in hospitals in Thessaloniki and Polygyros (four in Thessaloniki, three in Polygyros), one of whom also suffers from underlying diseases.

Mount Athos shuts its doors to visitors againAsked whether the measures are faithfully applied in the Monasteries of Mount Athos, where nearly 2,000 monks live respectively, he said that this did not happen in all cases resulting in some monasteries being stuck.

“Recently, several cases appeared and so checks began at the entrance gates. So far, three positive cases have been identified, one sailor and two workers, who were asymptomatic and were not allowed to enter”, noted Martinos.

He added that the Health Center and the Mount Athos Monasteries had been provided rapid tests, which were submitted to those who showed symptoms or are judged as possible cases.

It is reminded that since Monday, visits of those who do not live permanently on Mount Athos are not allowed. However, entry is allowed to those employed in ongoing projects as well as civil servants working there.