Skopelos Island to get a tourism boost


The stunning island of Skopelos, and home to Mamma Mia the movie (AKA ‘Kalokairi’) is getting a little tourism makeover.

During a period where the annual flock of tourists never made it due to Covid-19, the timing of this upgrade couldn’t have come at a better time.

The future tourist amenities are being planned by the municipality of Skopelos, according to an announcement via the town council on Thursday, with the popular Greek island aiming to open up new hiking and cycling routes.

Part of these plans is the surveying for marking out and improving roughly 100 km of footpaths on the island. The new hiking routes will traverse large sections of the island and link villages, monasteries, beauty spots and lookouts, churches, rural landscapes, forests and coastal paths in protected NATURA 2000 areas, taking in both popular locations and well-hidden secrets.

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As an island that boasts rugged mountainous terrain and exceptional greenery, Skopelos makes an ideal destination for mountain bike riding, for which the island's authorities have commissioned a second survey, due to be completed soon, to design and create four entirely new mountain biking routes.

The aim is to ensure accessibility for all age groups and levels, so that families, groups and people with little or no experience can enjoy mountain biking in the beautiful terrain of Skopelos, which combines every degree of difficulty.

A third action will be the mapping of all cycling routes, with specialised photography and map display using a special format, while also setting up a group in the popular cycling app Strava.

These routes will be due for completion in the first half of 2021.

Skopelos was famously listed on Travel + Leisure’s best secret islands on Earth. An island which is so much more than a tourist attraction.

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