CNN Türk: Turkey must sink a Greek ship in the Aegean Sea

Nedim Şener

An award winning Turkish journalist urged on Turkish television for a Greek ship in the Aegean Sea to be sunk.

“I don’t want to hear things anymore like ‘a [Greek or its allies] ship came in contact with a Turkish one in the Aegean’,”  Nedim Şener said on CNN Türk.

Greek Nedim Şener Posta'ya veda etti yeni adresini nükteli mesajla duyurdu - Internet Haber
Nedim Şener.

“If that ship rubs against [a Turkish one], you will sink that ship. You will definitely sink it, my brother,” he said.

Şener has won the Turkish Journalists’ Association Press Freedom Award, the International Press Institute’s World Press Freedom Heroes award and PEN Freedom of Expression Award.

CNN Türk in recent weeks has been hosting a plethora of commentators that have been urging for Turkey to attack Greece.

One commentator said earlier this month that “One night all the Greek islands will become Turkish.”

Another commentator on CNN Türk said “We can enter Athens in 12 days and Thessaloniki in four.”

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  1. WHY is there such absolute hatred by such persons and the constant calls for war? Will this journalist stand in the front line if there was such a war? Would he want his children, his siblings to be in the front line? Is he able to understand that in ANY war, all lose! Or is he so ultra fanatical that he simply cannot comprehend the absolute stupidity and sheer lunacy of his call?

    But then Mrs Merkel supports Turkey consistently and NATO refuses point blank to do a blasted thing to prevent hostility. They want war so their members can sell more and more weapons. Trouble is IF there is a war they will be forced into it and then blood shed will involve their own citizens.

    Or have they forgotten the lessons of WW1 and then WW2? Of the Balkan Wars before the World Wars?

    Hellenes do NOT want war. We all prefer the hand of friendship with Turkey to shedding blood. But are they listening?