Greek War of Independence immortalised in film made by Nafplion students


This year marks the 200th anniversary since the beginning of the Greek Revolution that began in March, 1821.

The desire for freedom and independence united all people, rich and poor, intellectuals and illiterates, military and political, merchants and church people.

The film, entitled "FREEDOM: 200 years since the Greek Revolution," is added to the list of short films created every year by Nafplion teacher Nikolaos Galanis with his students.

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In collaboration with the teacher, Nadia Strati and students of the Second Primary School of Nafplion, dramatise the heroes of 1821.

The grandmother in the film describes the heroics of Kolokotronis, Bouboulina, Miaoulis and Kanaris, among other heroes of the Greek War of Independence.

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