Dear Greece, India needs your help now more than ever


I believe, India has given a lot to each one us.

To me it has given me my life and to you it has given a new life.

To some special souls it has given the gift of yoga, the idea of freedom and peace, while some enjoy Bollywood, others enjoy the music, dance and of course the food amongst countless other things.

As a country, India has reached the point where each and every help coming means saving someone’s life.

The situation is worse than you can imagine.

India's Covid-19 crisis 'beyond heartbreaking' as first foreign aid  trickles in

If you can donate money, then donate it to Alpha Bank:

Beneficiary name: Ioannis Lempesis

IBAN: GR33 0140 1150 1150 0210 1271 714


Currency: euro

Please indicate the sentence: Karma Yoga Charity

This charity is directly used to help in increasing the supply of oxygen cylinders, buy medicine and other critically important things.

If you cannot donate money, not to worry, you can still do Greta work.

Please donate time by raising awareness through social media and talking about this wherever you are and whoever you are with from the point of view of gathering and gaining support.

If you cannot do the above, you can still help, donate your heartfelt prayers for the people of India who need prayers more than ever.

We always thank Bhagwan shiv ji before we begin yoga to seek the blessings of the great giver of yoga.

However, we must also show gratitude to the great motherland of India where this knowledge was not only discovered but maintained so that today we could benefit from it.

We all owe a lot to India and it’s time to show our gratitude, love and affection.

Support India,

Stand with India,

India needs you now more than ever


Siddhartha Shiv Sunit Khanna is Guru of Siva Om Karma Yoga Project in Athens, Greece.

India, home to the world’s worst ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, reported more than 17.6 million cases since the pandemic began last year.

The death toll could peak at more than 13,000 a day – more than four times the current daily death toll, the predictions show.

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