How Northern Epirus celebrated Easter

northern epirus easter 2021

The entire Orthodox world celebrated Easter on Sunday and the Greeks of Northern Epirus in Southern Albania were no exception, Himara reported.

Easter celebrations were altered though in Albania due to COVID-19 restrictions and the Divine Liturgy was not given at midnight as is the usual custom.

The Resurrection was celebrated all over Dropoli (Δρόπολη, Albanian: Dropull) in the Greek Minority Zone of Albania.

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Easter mass in Dervitsani (Δερβιτσάνη, Albanian: Derviçan) village in Dropoli.

Easter mass was also celebrated in Himarra (Χειμάρρα, Albanian: Himarë), another Greek Minority Zone in Albania.

northern epirus easter 2021
Easter mass at Agios Pantes in Himarra.

Up to 120,000 Greeks live in Northern Epirus and are often persecuted and harassed by the state and nationalists.

Northern Epirus.
Northern Epirus with today's Albania.

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