A unique and magical summer in Greece

A unique and magical summer in Greece
A unique and magical summer in Greece
Kalymnos. *Image credit: @Kastelli_blu_residences

As we all know, every inch of Greece is unique, magical and spectacular, especially over summer!

Every day feels like a like a non-stop celebration of life, love, food, sea, sun and good times.

One thing is for sure, nothing, and I mean nothing, comes close to a Greek Summer!

A unique and magical summer in Greece
Greece's climate

When you experience the glory of a Greek summer, chances are you will:

  1. Never want to leave (and maybe change/cancel your plane ticket)
  2. Want to return asap
  3. Leave with the impression that Greece is paradise all year round.

This is because you can basically count on every day bringing with it endless sunshine- as over the months of June, July and August there is minimal rainfall and the water temperature is ideal, placing Greece on top of the list as a perfect summer getaway.

A unique and magical summer in Greece

A taste of paradise

Your palate will believe it has arrived in paradise with Greek summer produce overflowing in your mouth- from local flavours and delicacies including Xorta (wild greens), Syka (figs), Gigantes (legumes), Xoriatiki Salata (Greek salad using the freshest tomatoes and cucumbers), Greek cheeses, homemade bread, extra virgin olive oil, fresh fish, meats and seafood straight from the ocean.

Every region in Greece has its own renowned recipes and dishes.

You will be overwhelmed with the simple but mouthwatering tastes Greece has to offer.

A unique and magical summer in Greece
*Seitan Limania, Crete
Best beaches in the world

Greece’s beaches are always ranked as some of the best in the world.

Earlier this year, 545 beaches throughout Greece were awarded with a “Blue Flag.”

In fact, Greece ranked second in the world among 49 countries, while holding 13.5% of the total award-winning coastline.

Why is that? Let’s face it, the Aegean water is second to none and it doesn’t matter what part of Greece you are visiting, chances are there is a beautiful beach nearby with crystal blue water awaiting you.

And whether you are after a family-friendly beach, a great place to scuba dive, jet ski, or just sit back and relax, you will find one that is perfect for you.

A unique and magical summer in Greece

Best summer drinks

Where else can you sit back on a sunbed and order a Frappe, cocktail or any beverage of your choice, while listening to cool sounds and taking in the beautiful Mediterranean views?

A unique and magical summer in Greece
The Athens & Epidaurus Festival

The Athens & Epidaurus Festival announced a multifaceted, bold and very interesting program for this year’s event, which will take place in front of audiences from June 1.

“This is the second year that we operate under emergency conditions. This is the second year that we are making multiple rescue plans for our events. And, of course, the second year that we are forced to announce our plans online,” said artistic director Katerina Evangelatou.

Over 80 productions are scheduled to run for four months, until October 10.

For more information, please click here.

A unique and magical summer in Greece

Open Air Cinemas

Outdoor cinemas in Greece have reopened for movie lovers with strict coronavirus measures.

Over summer, the Greek capital’s neighbourhoods, parks, malls, beaches, archaeological sites, and landmarks transform into open air cinemas.

Watching a movie at a summer cinema and sipping a cold beverage is a popular and enjoyable experience.

A unique and magical summer in Greece

All You Want is Greece

In front of the spectacular backdrop of the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion, Greece revealed its multimillion euro tourism campaign.

“In 2020, tourism won a difficult bet, which is why our country was awarded as a pioneer in the opening of the tourism industry,” said Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis.

“Today our country is projected as a model for pandemic management in relation to Greek tourism…We open sails safely,” he added.

All travellers to Greece will have to fill in a passenger locator form (PLF) detailing where they will be staying and for how long and will also have to present a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 or a recent negative PCR test or an official document certifying recent recovery from the virus.

Theoharis said that a system will be set up for Covid tests to be carried out at regular intervals at popular tourist destinations, while the government will also be leasing hotels to act as quarantine stations in the event of outbreaks.

he “All you want is Greece” campaign consists of five videos answering the question “What do you want?”

The videos, lasting 30 seconds each, present the country’s myriad attractions – from its serene beaches and dramatic landscapes, and its historical and cultural legacy, to its culinary traditions, high-end services and off-the-beaten path experiences.