47-day-old baby being treated for COVID-19 in Ioannina

baby COVID-19

A 47-day-old baby from Corfu is being treated for COVID-19 in Ioannina after being transported by the Coast Guard to the mainland port town of Igoumenitsa.

The baby, who tested positive for COVID-19 last week, was first hospitalised in Corfu Hospital on Friday, but doctors deemed it necessary to transfer him to a tertiary hospital.

Thus, the infant, accompanied by his mother and a doctor, was transported to the University Hospital of Ioannina, where he is being treated.

As the president of the employees of the university hospital, George Floudas, told OPEN TV, the baby is in very good health and is being treated in a special infectious disease unit at the pediatric clinic.

The results of the laboratory tests are expected to assess the overall course of his health.

His mother was also found positive for COVID-19.

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