Vatopoulos: Mandatory outdoor mask wearing will end in the coming weeks

Evzones masks Vatopoulos

In the coming weeks, we will stop using masks outdoors, said Alkiviadis Vatopoulos, professor of Microbiology and member of the Committee of Experts.

"Until the beginning of 2022, we will treat the coronavirus like the flu," said Vatopoulos, speaking to SKAI.

He also referred to the good and bad news in relation to this year's situation, stating that on the one hand vaccinations are progressing, along diagnostic possibilities (self test, rapid test), but on the other hand there are the mutations of the virus.

Is The Coronavirus In Greece

The professor assured that the vaccinated are protected by the new strains of COVID-19, however, mutations resistant to vaccines can also emerge.

Vatopoulos explained that by autumn the wall of immunity will reach 70% -80% and the mutations may not "find space" to prevail. At the theoretical level, however, there is a risk that in such a case the vaccines may need to be modified.

Concluding, he noted that the fourth wave of the virus will affect the unvaccinated and warned that from the winter we will have an increase in cases, but this will be small and therefore manageable.

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