Mykonos: French-Moroccans that savagely attacked a bodyguard could face attempted murder charges

Nikos Aravantinos French-Moroccans

The French-Moroccans (mistakenly reported as French-Algerians previously) who savagely attacked the bodyguard of Dan Bilzerian, the so-called King of Instagram, could be facing attempted murder charges.

The arrested French-Moroccans were accompanied by two lawyers and have undertaken their defence after they testified to the investigator and prosecutor.

Legal circles speculate that the five French-Moroccans are temporarily detained because they are foreign nationals and may leave the country if they are released on bail.

They are expected to be charged with grievous bodily harm.

However, it has been reported by Proto Thema that there is a possibility that they will face attempted murder charges.

At the moment, the identification of those involved are expected to be revealed through security footage, which is in the hands of the police.

Also, the latest information says that the company in which they work for has mobilised a group of lawyers from its headquarters in Paris to Mykonos and Athens for their case, which started on Thursday night.

The French-Moroccans were having fun in an area bordering the Eden View Aparthotel Suites and Residences on Paradise Beach, in which the beaten bodyguard is a shareholder in.

The hotel guests complained about the noise made by the French-Moroccans, some of whom work in an Italian restaurant in Mykonos Town.

The hotel manager alerted the bodyguard, who tried to calm the French-Moroccans away from alcohol abuse, but they were not in the mood to stop the commotion.

This was followed by a conversation with some of them who were very vindictive towards him, even threatening to harm him in case he did not immediately leave.

The bodygyard, Nikos Aravantinos came to grips with one of them and seconds later he was attacked en masse with stones and blows that seriously injured him.

Dan Bilzerian's bodyguard beaten by French-Moroccans: "I'm lucky to live, I was stoned with large rocks" 1


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