Live in L0ckdown: Ft. Klarino Soloist Theo Skaltsas

Theo Skaltsas

As l0ckdown restrictions continue in some major cities across the world, Greek City Times presents our 'Live in L0ckdown' series, streaming on in just two hours from now.

Our fourth episode features master klarino soloist, Theo Skaltsas.

Theo Skaltsas klarino


For Theo Skaltsas, performing is about allowing everyone to shine.

"Everyone offers something a little bit different. Everyone has something to contribute." says the masterful, yet humble musician when asked to describe his time on stage.

" It's a team effort," he says, referring not only to fellow musicians but also to his audience from whom he gathers much of his dynamic performance energy and creative inspiration.

The talented performer first began his love affair with music from the age of about 6, playing various instruments, however it was at 13 years of age that he first picked up the klarino.

Music, it would seem, is in Theo's DNA.  His pappous, originally from Tripoli, was an accomplished violinist and also a very good singer.

When asked if his grandfather would play for him when he would visit, Theo answers, "Every. Single. Time. He would play every time that we would see him. And he would also sing."

When Theo's talent on the klarino soon became clear, nobody could have been happier, nor prouder, than his biggest fan - his pappous.

"We used to jam together," Theo reminisces. "They are really great memories."

Just as music was the language that connected Theo with his pappous across the generations, the klarino player  believes that music is a universal language that everyone understands.

"When I perform I try my hardest to connect and to also bring people together,"  explains Theo who likes to play across all genres of music, bringing his Greek style take to each.

"I try to incorporate whatever the audience is going to connect to the most."

"You can be on stage and hit one note - and you can see people in the crowd connecting, becoming emotional and passionate about the music, congratulating and thanking me after the performance."

"Those moments for me are a ten out of ten."

Theo Skaltsas klarino

The now sought-after musician has performed for sell-out crowds of over 5,000 people, playing as a support act for well known Greek artists including Nikos Koukoulis, Keli Kelikidou, Elena Giorganta and Nikos Chatzopoulos.

He is well known to Greek TV, having been interviewed by various programmes on Greek networks such as SKAI, MEGA, STAR and ERT.

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Theo Skaltsas klarino

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