COVID-19: Over 90% of intubated Greeks are unvaccinated

Hospitals in Greece see rise in younger admissions for COVID-19

92.2% of patients intubated in the ICU with COVID-19 have not been vaccinated, according to data compiled by Greek health authorities.

In detail, out of the 346 intubated patients on Wednesday, 319 are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.

There are 27 fully vaccinated patients in ICU, corresponding to 7.8% of the total intubated patients.

greek hospital nurses

The majority of the intubated, 58.6%, are men. Their median age is 65 years.

84.7% have an underlying disease and/or age 70 years and older.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 2,980 patients have been discharged from the ICU.

There has been 267 new admissions of COVID-19 patients in hospitals (daily change + 11.72%).

The average seven-day admission is 256 patients.

The median age of cases is 39 years (range 0.2 to 106 years), while the median age of death is 78 years (range 0.2 to 106 years).

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