Over 6,400 unvaccinated Greek healthcare workers suspended

A three year old boy, who was denied a life-saving heart transplant last week by hospitals in Cyprus, Germany, Israel and the UK as his parents were unvaccinated, has finally been taken in by Greece, where he now awaits surgery COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine vaccination vaccinated Themistokleous vaccinations Themistocleous Greece

Some 6,412 workers in Greece's private and public health sectors who refuse to be vaccinated are in the process of being suspended, Health Minister Thanos Plevris said during a plenary session on Friday.

As the government's deadline for the obligatory vaccination of health workers expired on September 1, Plevris noted that those who managed to get inoculated by August 31 would return to work after 14 days after completing their vaccination.

However, another amendment will be tabled next week which will allow any currently unvaccinated health worker to enter the NHS as soon as they choose to receive the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

A platform for auxiliary health staff to apply for temporary jobs was activated on September 1, and will remain open until September 8.

The platform is to cover any gaps in services where health staff have been suspended.

The Greek health system can handle up to 10,000 suspensions, noted Plevris, as per its original planning.

In the country's Emergency Response Ambulance Service (EKAV) there are currently 500 active suspensions, out of a total of 4,800 workers; 400 of those suspended are ambulance crew, he added.

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