Akra Drastis: One of Nature's Lesser-Known Great Masterpieces

Akra Cape Drastis

One of nature’s great masterpieces, Cape Drastis is a picturesque peninsula featuring otherworldly cliffs and impressive rock formations carved by the sea and the wind over centuries.

Akra Drastis, as it is known in Greek, provides the sharp border of the northwest tip of the beautiful Greek island of Corfu, hidden beyond the beautifully forested landscape of the traditional village of Peroulades.

Akra Cape Drastis

Akra Cape Drastis

Akra Cape Drastis

In addition to the cape itself, there are many small and beautiful secluded beaches and various islets where one is free to test their cliff-jumping and diving abilities.

These unspoilt gems can only be accessed by sea, either by swimming or by boat from the cape, the logistics of which has effectively protected them from human intervention, keeping them naturally beautiful.

The soft golden sand and clear blue sea makes the cape perfect for discovering the numerous hidden sea caves to be found while swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Comparable to a ‘small fjord’, Cape Drastis is located about 40 kilometres from the city of Corfu, it’s impressive rugged, cliffs meeting with the turquoise blue, transparent waters of the coastline providing an image of incomparable beauty in a corner of Greece not so well known to all.

Akra Cape DrastisAkra Cape Drastis

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