SYRIZA: Reopening of schools is "a dangerous situation for students and the pandemic itself"

Greece Greek school students masks SYRIZA

A Saturday statement by SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance party held the government accountable, particularly Education Minister Nikis Kerameus, for what it called "a dangerous situation for students and the pandemic itself."

The statement was made in reference to the reopening of schools on Monday.

The required hiring of teachers has not occurred over the past year-and-a-half, noted the main opposition party.

"Instead of spreading students to more classrooms, as is done all over Europe so that some 27 students are not cramped in one room, Education Minister Kerameus simply reopens schools, with no more planning than required to close them," underlined SYRIZA.

Most dangerous of all "is the fact that by decision of minister Kerameus a school will be closing when 50+1 students are infected with the coronavirus, while health experts warn that it only takes 15 infected children to be alert for another 150 children."

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