Celebrate World Coffee Day, Greek style

Greek Coffee

If you needed an excuse to enjoy your caffeinated drink to the fullest, there's no better reason than celebrating World Coffee Day on Friday, the 1st of October.

And in our humble opinion to experience true buzz and happiness that comes from drinking a good cup of coffee, it must be a Greek one.

Three of the more popular ways to enjoy a coffee in Greece include the traditional ‘Ellinikos Kafes’, a Frappé and a Freddo.

Ellinikos Kafes

The most traditional coffees found in Greece, Ellinikos Kafes is a strong brew that is made on the spot, usually in a bronze, long handled coffee pot called a briki. It comes in different sizes to allow the perfect amount of foam to form. The secret of perfecting the drink lies in patiently brewing the mixture to achieve the best results and amount of light and airy foam.

The beverage is served with a layer of foam on top allowing a unique taste, with the coffee grounds sitting comfortably at the bottom of the cup.

There are three different tastes of Ellinikos:

  • 'Vari Glyko' which means strong and almost honey sweet
  • 'Metrios' meaning medium sweetness and
  • 'Sketos' meaning without sugar for the true coffee lovers.

Greek Coffee


Freddo is another Greek specialty that is best served on a hot summer day, as a way to cool down and enjoy a glass of cold coffee all at the same time. However locals and tourists tend sip on this delicious beverage all year round.

Freddo is commonly served as an espresso or iced cappuccino. It includes one shot of hot espresso, poured into a metal canister blending with ice and sugar to create a signature foam.

Freddo cappuccino uses a similar process but it is also topped off with a layer of creamy, foamy milk.

Both espresso and cappuccino drinks are served in a glass with a few cubes of ice to keep the drink cool and refreshing.

The secret to making the perfect Freddo lies in using a high-quality espresso to create the perfect smooth texture and ensuring the perfect drink mixture.  The number of ice cubes needs to be perfect as too much ice will result in diluting the beverage whilst too little will not allow the drink to be cold enough.

Greek coffee


Greek Frappe is one of the most popular coffees to be enjoyed during the summer whilst tanning on the beach. The beverage is loved throughout Greece as it's so simple to make and because the creamy taste caters to those wanting a strong hit of caffeine as well as to those who prefer the sweeter things in life.

Due to its simple method, the Frappe is often made in the comfort of one's home and is the perfect drink to make to celebrate World Coffee Day. The drink is made using instant coffee and water, sugar, and evaporated milk which is shaken to produce a foamy light texture. The secret to making the perfect Frappe lies in the type of instant coffee that is used.

Variations of Frappe include:

  • ‘Sketos’ - Plain coffee with water, no added sugar or milk.
  • ‘Metrios’ - Equal amount of coffee and sugar, no milk.
  • ‘Glykos’ - Double the amount of sugar than coffee, no milk.
  • ‘Me Gala’ - with milk, the amount of milk will be depending on personal preference.

Greek coffee

World Coffee Day, October 1st, is the perfect day to indulge in your favourite type of Greek coffee, whether being your go-to coffee or one that you have yet to try.

The best thing about coffee drinks it that most can be made in the comfort of your homes, shared with loved ones and even enjoyed with a slice of dessert.

Take your taste buds on an adventure to master the perfect variation and to discover your favourite.

Zoe Serras

Zoe Serras is of Greek and Croatian descent. Born in South Africa, she has studied in the UK and lived in Dubai for the majority of her life. Zoe studied Advertising, Marketing and PR at university and is currently completing a degree in nutrition. She loves all things health, fitness and wellness related and loves to spend her free time baking, testing new recipes and hitting the gym. Zoe loves expanding her network and connecting with people all over the world.