Kambourakis: Why do anti-vax phenomena occurs in religious centres like Meteora?

The Monastery of Agia Varvara Roussanou Kambourakis

SKAI presenter Dimitris Kambourakis questioned on his Sunday show why the anti-vaccination phenomena take place in areas that are religious centres.

"I will not say my bad word," he said at first, but wondered: "why do all extreme events, negative and anti-vaccination happen in areas that are religious centres?"

Then, he pointed out that Kalambaka, which is below the monastic community of Meteora, is a hub of anti COVID-19 vaccinations.

"I repeat: the law must be obeyed. Is this observed here?", he wondered. "Is there a police station in Kalambaka?"

Then, the co-presenter replied that if there is no lawsuit or complaint about the incident, the police cannot intervene.

Kambourakis concluded that "if not for this, we cannot do it for the certificates?"

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