Wolves besiege a house in Neochori - Watch video

wolves imathia

Wolves do not only go to the mountains, as happened recently in Parnitha to the north of Athens, but when they are hungry they look for food at nearby houses.

A great example is their raid on Neochori, Imathia.

In a video taken in the early hours of Friday by a homeowner in Neochori, Imathia, it is clear that two large wolves are besieging his yard.

In fact, they do not seem to be bothered at all by the presence of a large dog in the yard of the house.

It is estimated there are at least 1,000 wild wolves left in Greece.

Wolves are legally protected in Greece and compensation is paid for livestock losses, with over 80% of it from insurance.

Callisto reports on its website that: “The wolf in Greece occupies a great variety of habitats, from degraded, hilly areas to densely forested mountains. The greater numbers are found in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas with low human population.

"Up until the 1930’s the species distribution extended to the whole of the mainland country.

"The wolf was exterminated from the region of Pelloponisos to the south prior to the 1940’s and from the Prefectures of Voiotia and southern Fokida (Central Greece) in the 1960’s.

"Re-establishment of wolf numbers begun in the 1980’s due to the abandonment of the bounty system and the use of poisoned baits. Population numbers seem to be stable in most parts of its range, with a possible increase in its southern distribution.

"Today, wolf distribution extends from Thrace in north-eastern Greece, to Voiotia in southern Central Greece. Although small gaps between wolf territories exist, there is no evidence of complete fragmentation between neighbouring wolf areas.

“Potential fragmentation or lower genetic flow rate barriers include the Axios River and the Thessaloniki-Skopje highway in the north, as well as the construction of the Egnatia Highway running east-west from the Ionian Sea to the borders with Turkey.”

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