Ukrainian Ambassador says murder of ethnic Greek in Donetsk had “no political or ethnic motive”

Ambassador Sergii Shutenko Donetsk

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Greece Sergii Shutenko was summoned on the instructions of Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias because of the murder of an ethnic Greek and the injury of two others in the village of Granitna in Donetsk by Ukrainian soldiers.

Following information received by the Foreign Ministry on the death and injury of the ethnic Greeks, it was announced that Dendias would communicate with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba about the protection of the Greek minority of Ukraine.

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Athens, in addition to expressing the deepest sorrow caused by this incident, underlined its particular concern and the need to protect the Greeks of Ukraine.

It was also requested that the incident be fully investigated and brought to justice.

The latest foreign ministry announcement:

“Following instructions from Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, Ukrainian Ambassador Sergii Shutenko was summoned.

“He was informed about the serious incident that took place in the village of Granitne in Eastern Ukraine which resulted in the death and injury of ethnic Greeks.

“Greece, in addition to expressing the deepest sadness caused by this incident, underlined its particular concern and the need to protect the Greek diaspora, which has already greatly suffered.

“It also demanded that the incident be fully investigated and that those responsible be brought to justice.

“The Ukrainian Ambassador expressed his sincere condolences to the families of the victims, noting that there was no political or ethnic motive and that the incident was a crime under common criminal law.

“According to his information, there were two dead Ukrainian citizens, one of whom was an ethnic Greek, as well as two seriously injured, both ethnic Greeks.

“He concluded that those responsible have been arrested and will be brought to justice.”

However, what is omitted is who exactly was responsible for the murders, were they Ukrainian soldiers or were they members of one of the pro-government Far Right militias?

Also, the claim that the murders were not politically motivated contradicts other reports made, which claim that the Ukrainian soldiers murdered the Greek and the other local because they were Russian-speakers instead of Ukrainian.

It is recalled that on May 18 2021, Ukrainian President Volomyr Zelensky announced the introduction of a bill on the indigenous peoples for the “protection” of their rights.

According to the bill, the indigenous people of the East European country are those who do not have a state entity, thus excluding Greeks, despite having lived on the territory of today’s Ukraine since 800BC.

This is centuries before Ukraine was even a word and long before the arrival of Slavs and the eventual establishment of the Kievan Rus in 882 AD.

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