CONSUMER ALERT: Food Recall in Greece after factory shut down over salmonella fears

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The Hellenic Food Authority (EFET) ordered a recall on Friday of all Kinder Schokobons and Kinder Surprise Maxi (100 gr) chocolates, regardless of the production batch, over fears of possible salmonella infections.

EFET said the recall is a result of the inability of manufacturer Ferrero Ardennes, based in Belgium, to guarantee its product's safety. According to media reports, Belgian authorities shut down the factory on Friday, after accounts from several countries of salmonella infections.

"The agency is today withdrawing the authorization of the Ferrero production plant in Arlon. The entire Kinder range of products from Ferrero's Arlon production site is also being recalled," said the Belgian food safety authority AFSCA.

Ferrero blamed "internal inefficiencies" for its lack of cooperation, saying they had led to "delays in the timely collection and disclosure of information." The company said, "we deeply regret this situation."

The company went on to apologize to its customers and "thank Belgian health officials for their valuable advice."

Ferrero's Arlon facility is responsible for 7% of annual Kinder sweets production worldwide.

"Such a decision is never taken lightly but the current circumstances make it necessary" said Belgian Agriculture Minister David Clarinval, who praised AFSCA's work, adding, "The food safety of our citizens can never be neglected."

Ferrero in Greece had reported a recall of specific batches on Wednesday, and notified EFET.

The food safety authority has called on consumers who have purchased these two products in Greece to contact:  [email protected]