Mykonos: Greek woman and her Albanian boyfriend arrested for cocaine trafficking

Mykonos arrested woman

A 27-year-old Greek woman, who appears on social media to offer "Hospitality Management" services in Mykonos and Dubai, is among those arrested for cocaine trafficking on the Cycladic island.

According to Proto Thema, the young woman lived with a 28-year-old man of Albanian origin, who had allegedly developed intense activity on the island, dealing all kinds of drugs, from cocaine to cannabis and MDMA.

According to the case file, the 27-year-old allegedly kept the money from the drug trafficking, which her 28-year-old partner promoted to tourists. A 35-year-old man from Israel was also arrested with them, who had just purchased 1.1 grams of cocaine for 200 euros.

The Coast Guard's Narcotics Prosecution located the couple in the Tagou - Argyraina area and a search followed at the house where the traffickers lived.

They found three packages of cannabis weighing 4.3 grams, a plastic package with three improvised nylon packages of cocaine with a gross weight of 6.6 grams, a plastic package with 5.4 grams of cocaine, three improvised nylon packages with MDMA, with a gross weight of 0.7 grams each.

In addition €21,740 in cash was found, in addition to three mobile phones.

They also found a precision scale and 570 US dollars, 420 British pounds, 25 Canadian dollars, 115 UAE dirhams, 200 Albanian Lek, 55 Australian dollars and 20.00 Swiss francs.

The young woman appears on social media as a concierge offering Hospitality Management services in Mykonos and Dubai.

The three arrested were brought to the Syros prosecutor's office on Wednesday.

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