Where were they when Iraq was invaded?

George W. Bush Iraq

The US invades Iraq, not once but twice, the second time under indisputably false pretences.

No UN condemnation no calls for International Courts, no investigations into claims of war crimes, no mention of genocide despite the hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths and above all not a word from the "free world" with its "values" about imposing sanctions on the aggressor.

Of course Iraq is by no means the only victim of the US war machine which, with the tacit consent and often the active military support of Washington's allies that share these "values", but it is a classic example.

Where we are now being told that Russia is committing "war crimes, crimes against humanity, butchery and outright genocide" in Ukraine, there was nothing more than "collateral damage" caused by the US and Co. in Iraq and elsewhere.

"Collateral damage", what a great tool language is in the hands of propagandists!

Have you ever heard of an American referred to as an "oligarch"? Of course not; American billionaires are successful businessmen to be envied and emulated. The negative connotations suggested by the word "oligarch" are reserved for their Russian and in the very near future their Chinese counterparts.

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