Arsenal and Hashish Plantation Discovered in Ioannina Cafe

Arsenal and a Hashish Plantation Discovered in Ioannina Cafe

Police have discovered arsenal and a hashish plantation in a coffee shop in the Krapsi area of Ioannina on Thursday afternoon.

As part of the police operation a total of 17 weapons were seized including 5 Kalashnikov rifles, two grenades and 47 cannabis plants.

Irrigation equipment and agricultural tools were also found and confiscated in the plantation area.

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Three people were arrested and a case filed against each for drug cultivation and violations of weapons legislation.

According to an announcement made by the Greek Police, the items that were found in the coffee shop maintained by one of the arrested, as well as in his home, included:

5 Kalashnikov assault rifles

6 war rifles of various types

6 shotguns

1 revolver

2 grenades

7 detonators and a slow-burning fuse

3 bayonets

2 knives

2,961 cartridges of various calibers

10 magazines and

the amount of €1,710.

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