Volos: Four elderly men arrested for possessing cannabis

Volos Cannabis weed joint marijuana

Four elderly men planning a trip to Kalabaka from Volos had their day turn out very differently from what they expected after a random police check in the car they were travelling uncovered small quantities of cannabis.

The four Voliotes from Agria, aged 65, 66, 68 and 56, were immediately arrested after a package with 3.2 grams of cannabis and three joints with a mixture of cannabis and tobacco was found in their possession, Gegonota reported.

In addition, three of them were caught in possession of small quantities of cannabis, with a total weight of 3.8 grams, which was confiscated.

They themselves confessed that they had small amounts in their homes and an investigation followed, while one of them reportedly told the police that he started using cannabis five years ago after detoxing from alcohol.

The largest amount was found in the 56-year-old's home. Specifically, four nylon packages with quantities of cannabis, a total weight of 251 grams, were found and seized. In the courtyard of the house was a cannabis seedling, 80 centimetres high, which was uprooted.

A total of 12 grams was found in the homes of the rest and they were released by order of the prosecutor.

The 56-year-old is being prosecuted for trafficking and asked for a deadline to testify in the next few days. He wants to convince the prosecutor that the cannabis he smokes has medicinal properties and its use should not be prosecuted.

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