Kalabaka's BEST pies and wines

Kalabaka pie and wines

Although Kalabaka is best known for being at the foothills of majestic Meteora, the region is also a culinary delight, with pies and wines to be enjoyed, as Travel reported.

Arriving at Agios Dimitrios, a few kilometres outside Kalambaka, one heads towards the village square, which is surrounded by rocks similar to those of Meteora.

Mrs Voula and Mr Stefanos have already lit the wood-fired oven, which is already blazing.

stefanos arados
Mr Stefanos grilling meat/ Photo: Amalia Kovaiou.

There is news that there are plans in this village to create in the near future an adventure park in the surrounding rocks, as well as a 7 km trail that will lead to the settlement of Gavros.

Arriving at Arados restaurant, photo snaps of the pie making process were taken.

But first, to actually make the pies, there is the dough: flour, olive oil, lukewarm water, salt and a splash of vinegar.

After being carefully kneaded, the dough is divided into ball-shaped pieces, so that each of them can be used to make a sheet of dough.

The dough is allowed to rest for some time and then a delicate stick is used to roll out the dough - the sheets of dough are rolled out so thin that they appear almost transparent.

pita arados scaled
Mrs Voula rolling out the dough/ Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

They are then placed one by one on the baking tray.

The process is repeated 8 to 10 times.

The filling, which has been prepared with the valuable help of Mrs Stella, contains, apart from spinach and leek, dill, spring onions, feta and pazi, a special tasty green that grows in the area.

The tray is ready to go into the oven.

pita ksylofournos arados scaled
The pie is ready to into the oven/ Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

In the meantime, Mr Stefanos has already lit the fire and is roasting the shop’s famous ribs.

Fresh salads, cheeses, meats and hot pies are already on the table.

A warm atmosphere, a family feeling, delicious food and nice conversations.

The experience at Arados was unique and delightful at the same time.

Agios Dimitrios, Kalambaka, +30 24320 88187

Meanwhile, the Liakos Winery in Gavros near Kalambaka was established in 2006, at least unofficially, when the Liakos family decided to plant their first small vineyard.

By 2009, the winery was born with the aim of producing quality wines based on the characteristics of the region’s microclimate.

Vasilis Liakos, the son of the family, who is only 23 years old, shared his great love for wine, the vineyard and winemaking.

vasilis liakos mitera
Vasilis Liakos and his mother, Vitalina/ Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

He has studied agribusiness and food business management and has also completed the WSPC, which is one of the most demanding courses in the wine industry.

The microclimate of the region is a catalyst for the creation of unique wines for the Greek region.

Low yields per acre and careful harvesting of the grapes ensure the best possible quality.

kelari ktimatos
Inside the estate’s cellar/ Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

The vineyards are located at an altitude of 470 metres on sloping, south-facing, clayey soils.

Vasilis Liakos gave us a tour of the winery and also talked about the combination of tourism and wine.

In a neat, comfortable and welcoming space, visitors can taste the wines of the estate, learn details about the production, the varieties and about the region in general and its relationship with wine.

krasia ktimatos
The wines of the estate/ Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

Gavros, Kalambaka, +30 24320 95373

Moving along to the shadow of Meteora, one reaches Efrosino, and Mrs Eleni is the soul of the restaurant.

The latter is curated by her son, Christos, “who has an eye for detail”, and everyone who works there does their best.

Her daughter, Evangelia, works in service, while Christos’ wife, Chrysoula, is in charge of the day-to-day running of the business.

eufrosino kastraki
The “Efrosino” window empties and gets replenished several times during the day/ Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

Everyone talks about the amazing pies prepared by Mrs. Eleni with words of praise.

“Let’s make a pie” she says, and with her assistant, Sophie, they set off.

You can’t keep up with her hands, especially as she is making the paper-thin pastry sheet.

pita elenis efrosino scaled
Mrs Eleni making her famous pie in Efrosino/ Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

In no time the pie is done as Sophie helps out with the filling ready.

“Come by in an hour to try it,” she says.

Despite the fact that Efrosino lies in the heart of tourist traffic, it manages to maintain a traditional character; aesthetically unaltered, Efrosino offers truly delicious food.

eufrosino scaled
Efrosino/ Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

And it couldn’t be otherwise, because Mrs Eleni puts everything into perspective.

Mr Panagiotis is responsible for the grill, while apart from the pies, here one can try oven-roasted braised meatballs, beef stew, lamb casserole, butter beans, soups and much more.

agria xorta patates tiganites scaled
Boiled greens and French fries/ Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

Mrs Eleni’s food will always come out a winner.

kyria eleni eufrosino scaled
The unstoppable Mrs Eleni/ Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

Kastraki, Kalambaka, +30 24320 78131

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