Naxos a Pioneer of the “Smart Islands” Digital Transformation Project


NAXOS - The "Smart Island" digital transformation project, unveiled on the island on Tuesday and resulted from a partnership between Amazon Web Services and more than 20 Greek and international businesses, is making Naxos a leader in the field.

It is the first programme offering services with such a wide range. Its pilot implementation on the island in the Aegean will be a passport for its export to other regions of Greece and other nations worldwide.

Solutions for primary healthcare, intelligent transportation of products, and innovative mobility will be developed by Smart Island. These options include deploying drones to transport biological and pharmaceutical products and digitally tracking passenger ship arrivals and departures. In general, the island's current infrastructure, such as the marina, power grid and water management systems, are being upgraded through the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and smart infrastructure management systems.

Why work in Naxos?

With its extensive sandy beaches, historic towers, verdant valleys, classic mountain villages, and mouthwatering cuisine that it generously shares with visitors, Naxos is regarded as an island that has it all.

The Cyclades' most significant island is renowned for being self-sufficient, boasting cheeses and other locally produced goods in high demand throughout Greece, a choice of town and village life, and a history of leaving visitors wanting to return to explore more. Naxos offers a captivating change of pace for digital nomads.

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