Covid-19 or Flu? New dual self test in Greece detects both strains

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Double self-tests that detect both Covid-19 and Flu have arrived in Greece and have been distributed to pharmacies, media report on Friday.

The double self-tests recognize if someone is sick with coronavirus or influenza type A and B or with both diseases at the same time.

The tests are done in the same way but are double, i.e. people put one drop of liquid for Covid-19 and one for Flu.

selftestcovidflu 1024x576 1

How do they work?

In the case of a positive result, a red line will appear under the letter T in the first box for the coronavirus. In case of flu, if it is type B, the line will appear on that letter and, if it is type A, on the corresponding letter.

This is a useful tool ahead of the winter, so that citizens can test at home and identify whether they have the coronavirus or the flu.

The double self-tests are reportedly sold at 4 to 8 euros and are for personal use at home only.