Turkish vessel enters Greek waters and harasses Hellenic Coast Guard during rescue mission

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On Tuesday, the Hellenic Coast Guard said one of its vessels was harassed by a Turkish Coast Guard boat in Greek waters south of the island of Samos.

The incident, reportedly recorded on video by an Italian boat of the Frontex EU border agency, occurred during a search-and-rescue operation after a dinghy believed to have been carrying up to 14 migrants capsized at 3.8 nautical miles south of Samos on Monday.

Three men and a woman have so far been rescued, who told the Greek Coast Guard that they were on board the dinghy with another ten people.

Upon locating a body in Greek waters, a foreign-flagged cargo ship involved in the rescue mission called on the Turkish boat to come and collect it.

According to Greek authorities, the Turkish vessel entered Greek waters and performed dangerous manoeuvres when it was approached by the Greek Coast Guard boat. It was also reported that the Turkish vessel attempted to damage the Greek boat and even showed its weapons.

The search for the missing migrants continued late on Tuesday afternoon.