The most fluffy and buttery croissants in Athens and Thessaloniki!

oliver's boulangerie croissants

Croissants is not one of the building blocks of Greek culinary culture. However, in the decades since Greeks learned it from the French, we love it dearly and tend to seek it out, plain or stuffed, in sweet and savoury versions, for breakfast, brunch or as snacks.

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The good news is that over the years we have learned not only to enjoy it in many different variations, but we have also managed to make it the way it should be, that is, with pure ingredients and the traditional French technique.

Olive Magazine has compiled the best croissants to be found in Athens and Thessaloniki.



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The first croissant shop in Athens makes croissants that are crispy on the outside and very fluffy on the inside, which take three whole days of preparation to make properly.

The best sellers are the plain ones as well as the filled ones: with almond cream and with pistachio cream. Among the savoury ones, the croissant with spinach pie filling stands out, as well as the one with sausage.

27 Praxitelous Street, Athens, tel.: 211 4198 151

Oliver`s boulangerie

oliver's boulangerie croissants

One of the best in Athens, you can guy them large or small, with cheese or the most delicious chocolate praline. It is certainly worth a grabbing one when visiting the nearby Kerameikos Cemetery or other places in the historic centre of Athens.

Veikou 46, Athina 117 42

Queen Bee

Here they use French flour and butter from Normandy. The croissants are puffy and super fragrant, honeycombed in structure on the inside and crispy on the outside. The best is the classic, but it is definitely worth trying the one filled with mascarpone or the one with almond cream and rum.

45 Patriarchou Ioakeim, Kolonaki, tel.: 210 7209 933

Bread BC

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This brand new bakery may already be known for its breads, but its croissants aren't far behind. Light and buttery as it should be, the croissant they make is full of folds and honeycomb structure on the inside, while its surface is always rosy and crispy.

59 Agias Paraskevis, Chalandri, tel.: 210 6851 961


French chef Jean-Charles Metayer and his baker brother Sebastien don't make a classic croissant, but they make a variation called briossant, a special combination of brioche and croissant that is delicious. Definitely try the one with the sugar pearls and of course the chocolate one.

9 Solomou Street, Psychiko Prefecture, tel.: 210 6728 128


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One of the first to make an excellent croissant in Athens, that's why it rightfully deserves the title: the most classic of the city. Its crust is thin and crispy while its taste is rich in butter. Paul's croissants are eaten two by two, especially when warm.

4 Levidou Street, Kifissia, tel.: 210 8084 288


Here the dough matures for 72 hours. These croissants are very tender and delicious, with a subtle taste and aroma of butter. Plain is perfect for breakfast but the one with gianduja is pure sin.

Anagnostopoulou 44, Kolonaki, tel.: 210 3627 855


Dozens of triangles of handmade puff pastry are rolled out daily in this workshop, turned into delicious croissants and sold out before they even leave the oven. In addition to the plain one, the one with bueno cream and strawberry cream is also worth trying.

21 Sina Street, Athens, tel.: 210 3621 866


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Made with the purest ingredients, these croissants are baked everyday from dawn. The sheet of puff pastry is made with passion and love and after baking it is filled with homemade praline, white chocolate, fresh fruit, ham, parmesan, egg, and even handmade béchamel.

Vourvachi 6, Acropolis, tel.: 210 9226 010

Tromedo Paidi

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This particular croissant is very fluffy and super light. It is made with French butter and a little sourdough which gives it a subtle sour taste that elevates its deliciousness.

30 Papadiamantopoulou, Ilisia, tel.: 210 7777 537

Dimitris Economides


The traditional butter croissant at its best. Top quality raw materials and impeccable technique in perfect balance. Plain or with chocolate, these croissants are eaten in seconds.

340 Kifisias Ave., Psychiko, tel. 210 6755 000


Le Coq

The smells of freshly baked dough fill the whole neighbourhood since it has been baking, among other things, fine croissants since the morning. The plain ones are sold by the dozens, while the ones filled with handmade jams and fresh cheeses and cured meats have their own loyal fans.

Lassani 2, Thessaloniki, tel.: 698 3603 190

Tourlis Lena Kallidou


The croissants are literally the best in town. After endless experimentation, they arrived at the recipe – a technique of perfect dough filled with everything: apple, chestnut, mille-feuille cream, even carbonara sauce.

50 Markou Botsari, Thessaloniki, tel.: 2310 831 066


The originators of the viral bougatsan, i.e. the croissant filled with bougatsa cream, couldn't help but have all the secrets of the right hand-made one, which is why daily queues of fanatics form outside their door.

P. Mela 48, tel.: 2310 272045

Butter Up

This shop makes only croissants and fills them on the spot with whatever ingredients take your fancy. Tiramisu cream, banoffee, strawberries, salmon, pesto and prosciutto are just some of the ingredients at your disposal to make the most imaginative combinations

Gr. Palamas 9, tel. 2310 233 132

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