The Genes Of Beauty: Iliana Papageorgiou readies her mum for the catwalk with her own clothes!

Iliana Papageorgiou

Iliana Papageorgiou plays with the lens and some clothes just before the New Year. This time, she dresses her mother as a model using with her clothes, as seen in a new social media post.

In a video uploaded to the model's Instagram account, we see her mother. We quickly realise where Papageorgiou got her beauty genes from.

Papageorgiou's mother is seen in the video walking down the hall in a style between classic and casual that, we assume, is her own personal clothes: jeans, turtleneck, camel coat and sneakers.

In the next scene, in the same video, she walks through the same door again, this time transformed into her daughter, wearing Iliana Papageorgiou's characteristic metallic dresses – specifically, a fuchsia body con dress, a black bag and painful high heels, judging by the gesture she makes to her waist.

In combination with dark sunglasses, the outfit is considered quite successful.

Watch the video:

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