Nikos Vertis: "I wouldn't be ashamed to say I was gay but I don't even have 1% homosexual tendency in me"

Nikos Vertis

Nikos Vertis, in a recent interview, mentioned, among other things, his personal life.

The well-known singer responded to questions on whether he is gay because he has never appeared in public with a woman.

He replied: "If I were gay, I would not be ashamed to say it publicly. When you hear something that isn't true, you ignore it. In the early years they called me Turkish, then Albanian," he told People magazine.

"Then they said that my father is very rich and because of him I got a career. Everyone said what they wanted. Things that don't apply don't concern me.

"First of all I grew up in the Netherlands and I hate people who are ashamed of their peculiarities.  If you're gay, you shouldn't be ashamed to say it. I had gay childhood friends who weren't ashamed of it."

Afterwards, Vertis added: "If I were gay, I wouldn't be ashamed of anything or to say it publicly. Unfortunately for some and fortunately for some, I am the last person on earth who would have even 1% homosexual tendencies in me."

"Personally, you know, I feel sorry for those who have not accepted themselves, and I turn them away from me."

Asked if he would get upset if a man flirted with him, he replied: “I wouldn't get upset. Of course, it also depends on the method. A well-known person flirted with me vulgarly and escaped a beating in that second, but without feeling the need to prove who I am."

"No matter what mistakes I've made in my life, my morals are always high and I wish all men wore the pants I wear!'

The singer also spoke about the use of drugs, for which he had been accused in the past when he was in favour of their legalisation: "We have blinders on some issues. What I do know is that out of my ten friends in Holland, two used drugs."

"In Greece, however, out of my ten friends, eight have certainly done drugs at some point in their lives. I may have grown up around drugs, but I didn't touch them.

"Since they weren't banned in the Netherlands and there was no need to act cool, why touch them? It is better to give the choice with decriminalisation because the Dutch who take drugs are much less than all the rest of Europe."

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